Tuesday, 19 February 2019

What Properties Customers Look For In A Transformer?

A business runs only due to its customers. If a company fails at providing the products or services that meet the need of buyers, the company fails as a whole. Trutech Products is one of the established Transformer Manufacturers who keeps a hawk’s eye over the diverse requirements of the clients spread in distinct corners of the country and work day and night to meet their needs.

There are some miscellaneous to major properties that an onlooker or buyer wishes to have in the transformer they invest in and we have listed some of the crucial factors that cannot be missed.
  • High Durability
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Unique And Compact Design
  • Excellent Performance
  • Long Service Life
  • Easy Operation
  • Low-Cost Operation
  • Efficient Performance
Our products have all these features and that's why we are considered one of the best Transformer Manufacturers In India. As a buyer, if you are already on a search of the leaders in the domain who can provide the required features in the product you buy, contact us without any delay. We are veteran in the field, having experience of 20+ years. Our expertise lies in satisfying the customers with a wide array of devices we sell at most reasonable prices. In case of any query regarding our products, their specifications and price range, you may speak to our customer care executives over a call and find appropriate answers to the same.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

What Is The Purpose Of Conducting Magnetizing Current Test Of Transformer?

The transmission of current from one circuit to another is made possible through the use of a transformer. This device is purposeful in multiple industries as it has a diverse field of application. Trutech Products is one of the proud Transformer Manufacturers In India that is expected to deliver the best range of transformers to the clients. At our manufacturing unit, you can find various transformers such as Auto Transformer, Control Transformer, Isolation Transformer, etc. All the devices that we manufacture go through several tests before being delivered to the customers. These tests are conducted to evaluate the capabilities and strength of the machine and also to find the defects if any.

One of the pivotal tests that a transformer goes through is the Magnetizing Current Test. This test is purposed to locate defects in the magnetic core structure, shifting of windings, failure in between turn insulation or problem in tap changers. These are the changes which impact the reluctance of the magnetic circuit and thus, affecting the current which is required to establish a flux in the core.

Do not forget to ask the Transformer Manufacturers from whom you are buying your device about the testing so as to ensure the safety and security of your industry, machinery and personnel.  We are regarded as a leading brand which aims at satisfying the customers. If you want to come in touch with us, you can call us right now.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

What Happens When A Transformer Is Overloaded?

A transformer is one of the most brilliant information that has been introduced to reduce human efforts and simplify the lives. However, one can face trouble if he/she does not make a smart decision while choosing the Transformer Manufacturers or by not maintaining the device properly. Trutech Products can supply you a reliable quality of devices at very affordable rates.

The transformers are distinguished from one another due to several means and one such basis of the division is its voltage. The capacity of every transformer is different and overloading can create various troubles such as:
  • Short Circuit – If the device won’t be able to retain the overload pressure for too long, it will lead in creating the problem of short-circuit instead of reducing it. The machinery and appliances attached to the transformer will also remain at risk.
  • Damage To Device – By making frequent or long overloading periods on the transformer, you are keeping it at risk. More than required voltage can harm the quality of the device and cause severe damage to it.
  • Huge Cost Loss – You will keep yourself at a monetary loss if you will overload your device for long durations. One must always invest in a transformer after ensuring the requirements properly.

Being one of the highly reliable Transformer Manufacturers In India, we can promise you that we will provide you with the best quality from our end. Maintaining its quality by not overloading it is in your hand. Call us to place your order and we may deliver the product to you in the shortest duration.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Things One Must Deem Prior To Checking Transformer

Transformers are considered important and best when it comes to the efficacy and efficiency of electrical products. This device has the ability to provide safety and has the capability to transmit electric current from one circuit to another without bringing any change in the voltage. Trutech Products is one of those formidable and renowned Transformer Manufacturers In India that gets you the products whose reliability and performance stays perfectly well.

Just buying a device is not the solution; one has to spend time and efforts in maintaining it as well. One of the steps in the maintenance procedure is testing of the transformer. The tests are of multiple types depending upon the type of the device that is to be tested.
However, before beginning with the testing, one has to consider several factors such as:
  • Visual Inspection – Before starting with any kind of testing, check the physical appearance of the transformer and make sure that there is no bulged part on the surface or burn marks on it. If you encounter these changes, do not perform any test.
  • Overheat – Tests must not be done on the transformers if it is overheated and the temperature of the device is at rise.
  • Moisture – If you see any moisture content in and around the device, you must not perform any kind of testing. Or else you will ruin the machinery beyond repair.
Being one of the highly recognized Transformer Manufacturers, we can offer you a great variety of transformers at a price that won’t hurt your pocket. Make contact with us and receive most long-lasting and reliable devices.

Monday, 10 December 2018

How To Inspect Transformer After Being Delivered?

Have you ever received a faulty product that you ordered online? If yes, you are not the only one. People often are heard complaining that the transformer quality was lower than what they were promised. Trutech Products, being one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers in India take care of the quality thus; all their products are CE Certified. We are referred to people because of the quality we offer.

We supply ace-standard devices which can be inspected in the following ways after being delivered:

Checking For Gas Pressure – One must keep a check on the gas pressure and it can be done by removing the protective cover from the pressure gauge mounted on the tank and then you need to open the connection valve and check the gas pressure. If the needle of the valve shows positive reading, it means that no water or air has leaked in the interior of the tank.

Outer Inspection – The transformers can be inspected on an exterior basis to make sure that it is free from any outer damages. The receiver of the device must ensure the safety by checking the following things – Twisted Pipes, Damaged Paint, Rusted Metal Pieces, Loose Screws or Relating Damage. If any of the above-stated problems are encountered, you need to take some strict actions before it’s too late.

Trutech Products, being one of the reliable Transformer Manufacturers assures that your ordered device reaches you with full safety and is free from any kind of damage. We also provide after-sale support in case you have encountered any trouble. Call us to know the varieties we deal in and make your purchase from us to have an amazing experience.

How To Increase The Life Expectancy Of A Transformer?

In this technological world, one needs a device which can be trusted for preventing power failures and transmitting current from one circuit to another. The tech-nerds came up with a wonderful device that serves these features and many more – Transformer. If you are in need of this trusted item for your industrial needs, feel free to come in contact with one of the paramount Transformer Manufacturers In IndiaTrutech Products.

An ideal transformer is just like a unicorn, it doesn’t exist. You can get a properly working and technically fit model, but the perfect is just not made. We are saying so because this machine can face several failures and technical defaults and make it less than the best. But, that doesn’t mean that investing in this product is wasteful, with proper care and management you can increase the life expectancy of the device and ensure that it performs well.

Let’s Start With The List Of Steps To Be Taken:

·         Eliminate Water – Moisture and water are the worst enemies of the device and totally ruin it’s working. Make sure that you have placed transformer at a place that is away from water.

·         Do Not Overload – Anything that would be overloaded is supposed to tarnish, and the transformer is not any different. Make sure that your device is fit according to the load it receives.

·         Install Buchholz (Gas) Relay, Pressure Relay, Winding Thermometer – These three products are amazing to be used if one wants to increase the lifespan of a transformer. They are used for detecting the faults, detecting sudden pressure and ensure the protection respectively.

With these steps, you are ought to increase the number of years the device will serve your industry. Make your purchase from one of the eminent Transformer Manufacturers like us if you want to be delivered with the products that have high-in-class features and appreciable strength.

Monday, 5 November 2018

What Is The Role Of Conservators In Transformers?

A transformer is a machine which is made for the purpose of supplying power in different electrical items. The circuits within it create the electromagnetic power between them. Come to one of the prominent Transformer Manufacturers, Trutech Products to discover a wide range of transformers.

There are various components that come along with this device and sometimes it is hard to tell that what their role is. One such component is the conservator. Below, you will be reading that what a conservator is and what are the functions it performs.

What Is A Conservator?

It can be described as a tank that is cylindrical in shape and is mounted on the roof of the transformer’s main tank as a supporting structure.

Functions Of A Conservator:
  • Oil Immersion - Conservator ensures that the active parts of the transformer are oil immersed, in an oil filled transformer. The maintenance of the oil level inside this component at a minimum level assures that active parts are full oil immersed.
  • Facilitates Oil Expansion – A loaded transformer may cause the oil to heat up and expand. Similarly, when the load is diminished, the temperature of oil goes down and causes the oil to contract. The airspace that is inside the conservator aids in breathing (through breather) with the contraction/expansion of oil.

Now, when you know about the conservator in detail, you must have been thinking of purchasing a transformer. If you buy the machinery from one of those Transformer Manufacturers In Pune who have made their name among the reputable ones, you will be enjoying the benefit of getting a dependable device. We are not bragging, but yes we are one of them and we promise that our product quality and after-sale services will keep you connected with our brand.